Marketing Policy
1. You must not use misleading advertising. You cannot guarantee profits in advertising materials and must also mention risks.

2. All marketing materials must use accurate and current information. Please follow our news and make timely updates.

3. In text and promotional materials (ratings, reviews, banners, bandings, videos, etc.) you should add a warning about the risks of trading.

4. It is forbidden to present affiliate sites, blogs and applications as official Finrooms sites. It's also forbidden to use a misspelled brand name or combinations of the brand name with the words "broker", "trading", "investing", etc.

5. You may not use the Finrooms brand name or any misspelled brand name as the name of the developer of your app. It is also prohibited to use a misspelled brand name or combinations of the brand name with the words "broker," "trading," "investing," etc.

6. Do not register and/or use domain names that include the Finrooms brand name and any derivative or misspelled forms that may mislead the user by giving the impression of official Finrooms sites.

7. It must be clear to visitors that your site/blog/application is not an official Finrooms site. This should be made clear on the first screen of the home page in a font no smaller than the main font used on that page.

8. You may only place advertising applications on marketplaces or listings in India and Brazil.

9. You may not make promises or warranties on behalf of Finrooms.

10. You may only use materials presented in your personal affiliate account or materials that you have agreed upon with your personal affiliate program manager.

11. When comparing Finrooms with other brokers and financial instruments, you must provide only accurate information

12. It is forbidden to use any ways to induce potential clients to make a deposit or use in trading an amount greater than it was planned at account opening, in cases when partner has contact with potential clients before account opening.

13. The use of words such as "winning, betting, easy earnings" is prohibited, as they can mislead a potential client and reflect negatively on the Finrooms brand. Also, you can't claim in your marketing materials that trading binary options is "easy, simple, fun" etc. You can't position trading on Finrooms "as an easy source of money/guaranteed income," etc. Do not make other unsubstantiated or misleading statements.

14. If you state an expected profit percentage in your marketing materials, you need to state that this is the "expected profit percentage on successful completion of the trade."

15. All marketing materials should be targeted to an 18+ audience

16. Marketing materials should only use current promotions and bonuses presented on the platform.

17. Partners are not allowed to financially motivate clients to make a deposit

18. It is forbidden to insult people or other brands on any grounds in marketing materials.

19. The use of images of famous personalities, symbols and terms without their written consent is prohibited. The use of images of any religion is also forbidden.

20. Use of pornography in marketing materials is prohibited.

21. It is forbidden to use fake documents/statements from the bank in marketing materials that demonstrate the impossible profitability of trading on the platform

22. Marketing materials may not infringe on the copyrights or intellectual property of Finrooms or a third party

23. It is forbidden to guarantee profits in any marketing materials, as well as advertising strategies or schemes that guarantee profits. It is also prohibited to guarantee a profit percentage.

24. It is forbidden to encourage in marketing materials to continue trading to cover losses from previous transactions

25. The use of superlative words such as "the best," "the easiest," "the most profitable," etc. in marketing materials is prohibited.

26. It is prohibited to mention or use imagery in marketing materials:
- violence
- violence or armed men
- war
- political, social, and racial conflicts

27. Marketing materials targeted at India are prohibited from depicting and/or mentioning:

- Cows, snakes, monkeys, elephants and/or other animals.
- The caste system and India's overpopulation problems.
- Obsolete or obsolete Indian banknotes.
- Images of the gods of the Hindu pantheon.
- The gesture of displaying language as it has a negative connotation in the local culture.

28. Marketing materials targeted at Brazil are prohibited from depicting and/or mentioning:

- The hand-drawn "OK" sign as it has a negative connotation.
- The "goat" sign (rock ON!), shown by hand, as it has a negative meaning in the local culture.
- The gesture of showing your tongue as it has a negative connotation in the local culture.

**Your affiliate account may be blocked and funds frozen if your marketing policy is violated.