Questions and Answers

Affiliate Program

How to get started?
  1. First of all, you need to register an account on our Website by filling out the form
  2. Once you have done it, you will be able to apply for an offer and contact your personal manager
  3. After that an affiliate link will become available for you
What countries do we accept traffic from?
At the moment we only accept traffic from India and Brazil that are among the largest unregulated markets. It is not allowed to involve traders from other countries. Over time, we strive to expand the list of countries and will notify you of any changes.
What traffic sources are allowed?
We allow any type of traffic except:

1. Purchase of contextual advertising on brand Finrooms
2. Any type of motivated traffic
3. Any spamming without the consent of the recipient is strictly prohibited
4. It is not allowed to register a trading account for oneself or relatives using one's own affiliate link
5. It is not allowed to register trading accounts for third parties by oneself
6. It is not allowed to use false or misleading information in advertising materials. User must understand where he goes and what service our brand provides
7. Advertising at websites with inappropriate content (pornographic, racist, offensive materials) is prohibited
8. It is forbidden to use any kind of malware (spreading viruses, spoofing ads, cookies, etc.)
9. Domain Squatting. Forbidden to use domains with misspelled brand name or changed 1-2 letters
10. Click bots. It is forbidden to use bots or buy fake traffic

If you have any doubts or questions concerning the types of traffic allowed please consult with your personal manager.
Is it possible to use my social media accounts to attract traders?
Yes, you are able to use your social media accounts in order to attract clients but only if the information you publish and your profile meets marketing policy requirements mentioned in the Affiliate Agreement.
Can I and my relatives register an account using my link?
It is not allowed. This is considered as a violation of the Affiliate Agreement. In case of a single violation, we will have to unlink the trader from the partner and deduct the funds earned on him. In case of repeated violation of the rules, the account will be blocked and funds will be frozen.
Do you have any CPA/CPC/CPM/CPL paid offers?
Revenue Share model is available for affiliates after registration. Other payment models could be offered on an individual basis after testing your traffic. For more detailed requirements for the CPA model please contact your personal manager.
Will I receive an accrual for the bonus funds of the trader?
You will not receive an accrual as you get a percentage of the platform's profits, and there could be no profit on bonus funds.
Who is my personal manager?
Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can see the name and contacts of your personal manager on the home page once you have registered an account.
Can you link an already registered trader to me?
It is possible to move an already registered trader from one affiliate to another but only at the personal request of the trader. Please contect the platform's support in order to do that.


How can I work with your affiliate program if I don't have a website?
You can attract traders in any way convenient for you, except for those listed in the "What sources are allowed?" section above. If you do not have your own website, you can attract traders through apps, by buying ads, and by sharing your trading techniques on social media platforms (for example, YouTube).
Is it possible to bring traffic from Facebook?
Yes, we accept traffic from Facebook.
Is it possible to get traffic from Google Ads?
Yes, we accept traffic from Google Ads.
Is mobile traffic a good fit?
Yes. Mobile traffic shows a high conversion rate.

Promo materials

How do I get an affiliate link?
The affiliate links can be found inside the offer.
Do you have any landing pages?
Yes. You can find a list of the landing pages in the description of the offer.
What is the best way for me to choose a landing page/banner?
You can find the most converting banners in the tab of the offer. We're constantly updating promotional material so that you can use the top banners for your work.
Is it possible to park a domain?
Yes. Contact your personal manager and he or she will explain you the procedure.
Do you do custom promo materials?
Yes. If you need customized promo materials, contact your personal manager.
Is it possible to make my own banners?
Yes, you can use your own promotional materials under two conditions:
1. They comply with the marketing policy
2. You approved them with your personal manager


What is Revenue Share?
Revenue Share or RevShare is a payment model in the affiliate program, according to which the webmaster gets a percentage of the profits brought in. In our case, affiliates receive a portion of the profit that the trader brings to the platform.

With Affiniate you can recieve up to 60% RevShare. We offer 2 RevShare rates depending on the number of FTDs that you attract:

  • Standard rate – in case you attract up to 20 FTDs inclusively over the last month you get 50% of Finrooms profits calculated for all your traders
  • Acquisition master rate – in case you attract at least 21 FTDs inclusively over the last month you get 60% of Finrooms profits calculated for all your traders
What wallets are available for payments?
We provide various payment methods for you to choose the most convenient way to get your payment.

The following payment methods are available to affiliates:
  • Visa/Master Card
  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Payoneer
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Wire Transfer
  • Bank Transfer Brazil
  • Bank Transfer India
  • Pix
  • UPI
  • PayTM
  • IMPS
What is the minimum amount for withdrawal?
The minimum amount to withdraw is $10.
How do I add a payout wallet?
If you would like to add a payment method you can always do it in the "Payment system" section of your Profile.
What is the hold period?
The current hold period is 7 days.
How often can I receive a payout?
Payments by demand are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact your personal manager for the detailed requirements.
Is it possible to get a higher percentage?
We offer a higher percentage to affiliates with high traffic volumes. Please contact your personal manager for details.
Do you have any bonuses?
We offer bonuses to the most active affiliates. Follow the news to find out more about our bonus system in the "News" section.
Are there any individual conditions?
We use an individual approach to each affiliate and we can offer more favourable individual terms to the most active affiliates.
The money was deducted from my account, but it did not come to my wallet. What should I do?
The withdrawal process may take some time. First, we withdraw the balance from the affiliate account, and then we send it to the payment method of your choice.

If you haven't received your money please contact the support by creating a new ticket in your personal account.


How often are the statistics in my account updated?
Statistics on clicks and traffic are updated in real time. Statistics on charges are updated once a day at midnight
How do I set up a postback?
You can read more about setting up a postback in the appropriate section.
The trader registered with my link, but it is not in the statistics. Why not?
As a rule, this happens when a trader has registered on the link without an affiliate referral code. If you have any questions, your personal manager can check the trader at your request.
Can I install my pixel on your landing page?
We are ready to place pixels of affiliates who plan to attract large volumes of traffic. Contact a personal manager for details.

Other questions

How do I change my password?
You can change your password under "Profile" - "Change password".
Why do I need a personal manager?
A personal manager will answer your questions and advise you on how to optimize the attraction of traders.
Do you have a referral program for partners?
Yes. You can get from 5 to 15% of the earnings of each partner you attract.
Do I have to go through a KYC procedure?
Yes. The KYC procedure takes place before the first payment.
Where can I read the affiliate agreement?
You can read the affiliate agreement by clicking here.
Where can I see the contact information of my traders?
The affiliate cannot see trader's contact information. We cannot disclose personal information of our users. In the same way we guarantee the protection of your personal information.